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Our Mission

Dear fellow seeker,

We are living in a civilization filled with illusions, fictions and propaganda, which cloud our comprehension of the world we are born into. There is a need for information, which can help people to better orient themselves in their lives and comprehend events taking place globally.

Our mission is to aid seekers to find and perceive the truth better. For that we make an effort to:

  • unveil important facts on world events, otherwise hidden from conventional sight
  • liberate from false beliefs and fictions
  • facilitate the acquisition of a positive and comprehensive world view, based on hylozoics

Unveil The World is a research platform, which evolves by the contribution of its authors and subscribers so that our common knowledge can grow. Our analyses and articles are a common ground for all who want to participate and spread the light. Please join in by subscribing and contribute wherever you can and deem necessary.


Our logo is based on the shape described by the orbit of Venus seen from the Earth, which shows during its eight years cycle a five-petalled form. Instead of a continuous curve, the logo is composed by five cardioid curves rotated 72º (360 / 5).

Five is a central number related with the mental perception of the truth, the beauty and the good, the world of the Platonic ideas symbolized also by the five Platonic solids. Beyond the mind, Venus connects us with the love/unity principle and guides our planet out of the shadows into the light of the Sun.

Peace to all beings!